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What is this?

Sattler College seeks to promote and advance the precepts and values of the historic Christian Faith. Thehistoricfaith.com was created out of that vision. We are starting with historian and author David Bercot’s comprehensive audio teachings on the history of the church and why it matters today. New courses and lessons will be added regularly with original content coming soon.

What is the price?

All-access pricing is $9.95 per month. Explore the historic faith for less than a daily cup of coffee!

Where Is My Money Going?

Sattler College is an independent, not-for-profit educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All profits are used to support student scholarship programs, student services, and college operations. Our expenses include platform technology, curriculum material, content development, and outreach.

What are the requirements?

Ears to hear and a mind to discern. You will need to listen to each lesson and pass several short tests to receive your certificate of completion. Technical Requirements: Computer or smartphone with internet access and audio. Smartphones can sync lessons offline for mobile learning.

Will I receive academic credit or CEU for courses?

No. You will earn a Certificate of Completion.

What happens after I subscribe?

You will have access to all our current courses and any new courses that we release in the future. Your subscription will auto-renew and you will have access to all course content until you choose to cancel your subscription.

How do I find the mobile app?



  1. Download the talentlms mobile app

  2. Open the app and enter the domain learn.thehistoricfaith.com

  3. Login with your account username and password