Life Changing Lessons From The Unchanging Faith

Life Changing Lessons From The Unchanging Faith

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Education that is grounded in the historic Christian faith.

TheHistoricFaith.com is a project by Sattler College and Scroll Publishing to bring you lessons that combine intellectual honesty, spiritual integrity, and sound scholarship. Sattler College is a non-profit Christian college in Boston working to equip Jesus’ peaceful revolution through relational discipleship and academic excellence. Scroll Publishing is committed to supporting the cause of Christ by publishing content that challenges us to return to the historic Christian faith. 


Explore The Historic Faith

Explore the truths of Scripture through the lens of the early Church and discover why these early Christian perspectives matter today.

Follow After Jesus

Learn how to be a disciple of Jesus by looking at some of the practical teachings of his earliest followers.

Discover Your Purpose

Discover what life is all about and how to live out your purpose as a child of God.

Featured Courses

As we strive to understand how Christians should relate to the most important issues of our day there is an incredible opportunity to be unified by our common spiritual ancestors. By studying the earliest Christians, we can learn how they navigated their diverse world and impacted humanity.

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Salvation: Mechanical or Relational?

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Introduction to The Historic Faith

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Historic Christianity vs Calvinism

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Bible and Early Church History

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What our members are saying.

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4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 120 reviews)

“If you are curious at all about what it truly means to live as a ‘Christian’ on a practical level in every day life, these messages will clearly instruct you on this matter. These truths have emboldened me in my walk with Christ”

“I have found these courses to be a huge blessing and enlightening learning experience. They have literally changed my life. Thank you and God bless you for all your hard work. I am always telling people about these courses and wanting them to sign up!”

Engage the Faith

Community is a big part of our vision for The Historic Faith. Go beyond courses with LIVE Q&A, Forum Q&A, and discussions with your fellow learners on The Historic Faith Forum.

Learning from pre-recorded content is helpful, but not as engaging as dialogue. With our monthly LIVE Q&A sessions you will be able to take your questions directly to our teachers, authors and staff.

Have a casual Q&A about the historic faith with David Bercot, Dean Taylor, Finny Kuruvilla, Sattler College staff member, or guest every other week on The Historic Faith forum. We will pick a topic and give you the opportunity to pick the brain of our instructors, authors, and staff.

Discussion between community members is vital for a holistic learning experience.
Find answers, ask questions, and connect with your community around the world on The Historic Faith Forum.


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The Historic Faith is a Project From Sattler College in Partnership With Scroll Publishing