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  1. Revamped Homepage with Dashboard Interface:

    • A new, user-friendly homepage that acts as a central dashboard.
    • Features an Announcements/News section at the bottom for easy access to updates.
    • Streamlines navigation and provides a one-stop interface for commonly used app functions.
  2. Enhanced Instant Messaging:

    • Our messenger app is now instant, ensuring real-time communication and aligning with the efficiency of popular chat software. This significant upgrade facilitates smoother, quicker, and more engaging conversations within our community.
  3. Feedback Appreciation:

    • We thank you for your survey responses.
    • We encourages additional feedback through [email protected].
  4. New Church Account Option:

    • Special accounts for churches and study groups.
    • Discounted memberships with bonus subscriptions.
  5. Audio Option for Lessons:

    • Introduction of audio alternatives for many video-only lessons.
    • Plans to extend this feature to all lessons.
  6. ‘Skip Quiz’ Feature: (In Progress)

    • Option to skip quizzes for uninterrupted lesson listening.
    • Flexibility to complete quizzes later or focus solely on audio lectures.
  7. Quiz and Course Title Improvements: (In Progress)

    • Overhaul of quizzes for a better learning experience.
    • Renaming of courses to more accurately reflect content.
  8. Invitation to Review Updated Courses:

    • Encouragement to revisit the course offerings for potentially new and interesting subjects.
  9. Remastered Audio Files Across the Platform:
    • We’ve upgraded and remastered nearly all old audio files for enhanced clarity. If you encounter any files still having poor quality or excessive reverb, please inform us. Your feedback is invaluable in ensuring the best audio experience. Thank you!
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