Adamantius “man of steel” - Origen
David Bercot

Man of Steel: Setting the Record Straight on Origen

It is rare that one who dies well has not also lived well. Origen was no exception.

Nicknamed Adamantius — “man of steel” — by Christians of his day, Origen (c. 185-254) was a prominent teacher, writer, evangelist, apologist, defender of orthodoxy, textual critic, biblical geographer, and biblical commentator. He was easily the most remarkable and best-known Christian of his age. Sadly, today he is frequently slandered as a heretic. For that reason, it is important to set the record straight.

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David Bercot

The Remedy for Lust

If a person does not first lust or desire, he will not fall into adultery. But how does he guard against falling into lust? The

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