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Overall Rating of All Courses

Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 406 reviews)
Very good12%

User Reviews

Lots of Very Important Speaking on a Wide Variety of Subjects

Rated 5 out of 5
July 15, 2020

I am really glad that this course was created to contain all of the miscellaneous messages that do not fit in anywhere else. This course was a great idea!
I do not have an opinion one way or the other regarding whether or not the messages in the course should have quizzes linked to them. Being a place for miscellaneous messages, I can see where the messages in this particular course do not need quizzes.
I found dear brother Bercot’s three very personal messages in this course (i.e. “My Testimony”, “My Continuing Pilgrimage” and “Lessons God Has Taught Me”) to all be very convicting and very challenging! I appreciate all of brother Bercot’s messages, but these three in particular have had a real impact on my life and my pursuit of Jesus Christ and His kingdom.
All of the messages in this course contain excellent and balanced presentations of their respective topics. Three other messages in this course that were especially helpful to me for my obedient love-faith relationship with Jesus Christ are “Jesus and the Father”, “Why God Permits Evil”, and “The Difference Between Spirit and Soul”. I have always had a special interest and appreciation for Old Testament typology, so I really enjoyed the message entitled “Shadows of Christ in the Old Testament” and I hope that many more messages on this topic will be included on this website. And I believe everyone will be really surprised to learn about the real roots of theory of evolution in the message entitled “Greek Philosophy and the Origin of Life”.
I do have two small quibbles with this course, both of which I believe can be easily remedied:
1) Some of the messages in this course do not contain any supplemental documentation on the “Materials” tab for the message. Since this is a “miscellaneous” course, that is okay; although I have gotten spoiled by some of the other courses and I have quickly come to appreciate and enjoy having an outline or a transcript available. There is one message, however, in this course that definitely requires the supplemental material provided by Scroll Publishing to be made available. This is the message entitled “What Did Jesus Look Like?”. Scroll Publishing actually makes two CD’s (or two digital downloads) available for this message, the first being the contents of dear brother Bercot’s spoken message, and the second being a CD (or digital download) of pictures that are referenced by brother Bercot during his speaking. Since brother Bercot refers to these pictures very often in his speaking, this message suffers greatly by not having the pictures available in the “Materials” tab. I am hoping that the 41 pictures that Scroll Publishing includes on the second CD (or in the second digital download) can be placed on the “Materials” tab for this message.
2) The message entitled “Was Jesus the First Feminist” is a two-message set supplied by Scroll Publishing. At first, I assumed that both messages had been combined together into one long message, since the run time of the message is something like one hour and 44 minutes. But when I listened to the message, there is one portion that is repeated over and over several times and this drives up the total run time. So I am wondering if the full contents of both messages are being included, although it seems like that was the intent. Maybe the audio just needs to be edited to fix the portion that is repeated over and over several times.
Again, compiling all of these messages into a “miscellaneous” course was a great idea and I am thankful for the opportunity to listen to all the messages contained in this course.

Avatar for C Hood
C Hood

Really good, concise evaluation of Calvinism

Rated 5 out of 5
July 14, 2020

As mentioned in the last session of the course, it would take a lot more time than what this course contains to cover all of the points of Calvinism thoroughly. With that being said, when considering the amount of time the course contains, I think Kuruvilla did an EXCELLENT job concisely covering the 5 points of Calvinism and giving alternative, in-context, simpler views for the scriptures often used to bolster the case for Calvinism. Great course.

Avatar for C Wagler
C Wagler

No Title

Rated 3 out of 5
July 13, 2020
Avatar for M Kasozi
M Kasozi

Course Catalog

10 Modules

Expository Teaching Using Early Christian Insights

A church is only as strong as its doctrine. Those who aspire to be teachers, whether for a church office, leadership position on a missionary team, small group, or family devotions, accept a weighty responsibility. Like any important skill, the ability to teach effectively and accurately must be developed. This course draws upon the Septuagint and early Christian sources to offer practical advice for Bible fanatics who want to communicate the truths of God's word (and especially Old Testament connections to Christ). In the last three modules of the course, Chuck Pike will demonstrate how he would teach through three challenging Bible passages.

12 Modules

Matthew Commentary

9 Modules

The Holy Spirit

If you have more confusion than clarity concerning the Holy Spirit, you're not alone. Some groups have treated the Spirit as a license for casting off scriptural authority. Others have reacted by minimizing His role. The result is that teaching about the third person of the Trinity often leaves much to be desired. But Jesus did not intend for His followers to linger in confusion; rather, he wanted them to realize the Spirit's power in their lives. We hope that this course will begin to clarify the Holy Spirit for you: what Jesus taught the disciples about it, how the early Christians thought about it, and how the Holy Spirit is alive today.

6 Modules

Christians & Politics: A Challenge From History

Join Dean Taylor for this three-part series as he looks at the landscape of Christian involvement in politics. Dean takes a historical approach to see what happens every time Christians get involved in the political arena. By diagnosing pervasive Constantinism found throughout history he will challenge you to rethink how the Church should engage the culture today.

Free Course

24 Modules

Anabaptist History

Anabaptist history is still quite relevant today, as many of the questions that shaped the Anabaptist movement during and after its inception persist in modern churches.

6 Modules

Prove It: Old Testament Proofs That Jesus is the Messiah

Despite the explosion of Christianity throughout the world during the first few centuries after Christ, few Christians today present and defend the story of Jesus using the tactics of the earliest evangelists. In this 5-part series, Chuck Pike demonstrates the time-tested relevance of scriptural proofs for the gospel.

9 Modules

Future Things

8 Modules

Change of Allegiance

What is Calvinism's view of God? Where did it originate? Is it a Biblical system of thought? In this engaging new course, Finny Kuruvilla slices through the theological jargon and offers an accessible response to TULIP.

16 Modules

Myth of Christian America?

14 Modules

Historic Christianity vs Calvinism

What is Calvinism's view of God? Where did it originate? Is it a Biblical system of thought? In this engaging new course, Finny Kuruvilla slices through the theological jargon and offers an accessible response to TULIP.

12 Modules

Radical Christian Living

8 Modules

True Greatness

9 Modules

Bible and Early Church History

11 Modules

Church Life: AD 150

13 Modules

Salvation: Mechanical or Relational?

Did the early Christians believe that we are saved by faith alone? Does obedience play a role in salvation? What the early Christians believed about salvation, works, free will, and more may surprise you.