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Warning: This is lengthy!

I was born into a Catholic family. I remember asking questions of the nuns and priests but always got the same answer, just have faith. This didn’t sit well with me, and looking back I don’t remember ever opening a Bible or them teaching from a Bible. When I was 19 my mother passed away. It really through me for a loop. Not understanding salvation or any of the scriptures, the thought that my mother may have gone to hell drove me mad (so to speak). I went into a journey I called “searching for the truth.” Unfortunately, I didn’t search in the Bible or other denominations of Christianity. Instead I searched in other religions. This began a very dark time in my life. I studied and practiced many “spiritual” disciplines. From New Ageism, to Wicca, Santeria etc. Eventually I came across a Satanic Bible written by Anton LeVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. I decided that I had finally found the “truth.” We are just carnal beings and fulfilling our carnal desires was the only way to true happiness, true satisfaction. There was no heaven, and yes in LeVeyan Satanism, no hell. This however, was far from the truth. My marriage was demolished and my family was split. I felt such a heavy weight on me. It felt like a physical weight on my shoulders and it resulted in a very dark depression. Soon after I met a “Christian” woman and we started dating. She knew nothing of my Satanic lifestyle or beliefs. One morning I woke up and heard a voice saying one word. One name. Jesus. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. I finally got down on my knees and prayed, “If you’re real Jesus, make yourself known to me.” I felt such joy and peace at that moment. Now I know you may raise your eyebrows and question the validity of this, you wouldn’t be the first. I still get that reaction from Christians even to this day and that was over 2o years ago. Christ knows I tell the truth. As a babe in Christ I relied on other Christians, laymen and pastor alike, but soon came to realize I wasn’t seeing the lifestyle I saw in the scriptures by these people. Neither was I seeing what they were teaching in the Bible that I was now eating up like a starving man. I then began what I called the “search for the truth within the truth.” It’s been a long and lonely journey but it has been well worth it. David Bercot and those part of this ministry have been a great help and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I am eternally grateful to you all.  It is still a lonely road as I’ve come to find that no one I speak to about these things will even consider them. Tradition rules, especially here in the “Bible Belt” and there are no churches that even come close to teaching and/or practicing true Biblical faith within my reach. Truth has become very important to me and it pains me to see so many take it so lightly. Maybe that’s why God has allowed me to take this journey? It has given me a zeal and love for the truth. I keep pressing on.