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I was Baptized into Christ in 1985, and I preached  in 1989 I served bi-vocationally as a Pastor in a local church for two years. I retired from Federal Law Enforcement  in 2006.  I began reading and listening to David Bercot’s Books and CDs in 2004 and his book “The Real Heretics”, strongly impacted me and changed my life in a powerful way.  We left our denomination and began planting House-churches in Houston, Texas, learning to do evangelism in a much more powerful way.   I retired at the first possible date and we  (my wife and three sons) went as Missionary-Evangelist and Church Planters to Asia 2007-2012 (6-yrs).  We supported ourselves on nothing but my small pension. We have remained in ministry in the USA since returning, planting house-churches, doing evangelism in the USA (on the Mexican Border in McAllen, TX).  We still have a ministry in the Philippines where we trained local missionaries who are still working there and we have a feeding program run by the people we trained which feeds and disciples 250 children each week. Currently I serve as an outreach minister (Evangelist) with the North Mission church of Christ.