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  • Finny Kuruvilla

    August 27, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    Dear Flo,

    Occasionally we will get questions from countries like China where it is very difficult to practice the headcovering for concern of being thought a Muslim and being aggressively persecuted by the government. Without knowing the specifics of your situation, I will make a few general remarks that I hope to be useful.

    First, I believe that we should strive to practice the headcovering as much as we can, but I believe that God works with us mercifully within the bounds of what might be feasible for our situation. I do believe that the heart behind our deeds is paramount. For example, some women are ashamed of the headcovering and will wear a baseball hat or something else to try to obey the command without appearing too obvious. That doesn’t feel healthy. But in China, for example, if someone genuinely wanted to wear a headcovering, but felt that a some kind of hat would be less conspicuous while traveling, I would have no problem with that. She would be doing so for a different reason, not rooted in shame.

    Many of the sisters in our church are not from Anabaptist background and have received a lot of family ridicule for their choices. But they have stood their ground and the family eventually became more accepting. I’ve noted often that it’s the first year that is the most difficult. Perhaps it would be useful to have them share their experiences via video sometime as a way to encourage others?