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  • Jeremy Martin

    August 27, 2020 at 10:49 am

    Often when a topic like Biblical manhood and womanhood and/or the modern day application of headcovering is brought up, the response is “that is your interpretation” or “This is a minor issue, many other modern day Christians are not doing this, so I will be fine to also not do it.” In my opinion, a powerful counterpoint to this is the universal interpretation and application from the apostles, early church leaders, middle ages, reformation and up they the 1800’s. A Methodist named Adam Clark in the 1800’s, according to my info, was the first to suggest that short or shaved hair on women had something to do with prostitutes on Corinth. This brings up the question “Was the entire Christian Church (Roman Catholic, Eastern orthodox, Protestant, church of the east, Coptic, St Thomas Christians in India) wrong for 1800 years about this?” Maybe if the entire Christian Church was wrong on Biblical manhood and womenhood and head covering, maybe it is also wrong on marriage, or (fill in the blank)” This at least causes some thought and concern to some who dismiss this issue as unimportant. A book titled “Headcovering throughout Church History” by David Phillips has a good summary of quotes by Martin Luther, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Jerome, John Bunyan, John Edwards, Roger Williams, Charles Spurgeon, and R C Sproul. We disagree with many positions of these, listed, but they are highly regarded by many today.