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  • Calvin Frey

    August 25, 2020 at 8:53 am

    Good morning, and God Bless You,

    I have just recently subscribed to Historic Faith and am excited to engage in these courses and discussions.

    I am excited to hear Finny expound on 1 Cor. 11.

    I have recently been called to the role of pastor at our church, and a common conversation among younger people is “what is a practical application of this portion of scripture”?

    Our congregation is Anabaptist/Mennonite and has historically practiced this doctrine in one way or another, so the question is not so much “should we practice it” but “how should we practice it”? I am fully aware that often the question is being asked in a somewhat selfish way where the ladies may want to cover as little of their hair as possible, or in as fashionable a way as possible.

    How do you respond to someone that verbally says they want to practice the doctrine of the Head Covering, but they clearly make it as small or as hidden as possible? Is there a way to have a conversation about form/size of the head covering or should a leader in a church only teach the principle and not talk about practical application?

    Are we really following 1 Cor. 11 if the Head Covering is as small as possible and hardly covers any hair?

    Thanks in advance, I am looking forward to this discussion!