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  • Casey Burns

    August 25, 2020 at 7:52 am

    Grace and peace brothers and sisters.

    I am persuaded that the head covering is a rich spiritual tradition handed down by the apostles, and that it represents important principles of empowering submission, spiritual covering and modesty, but I struggle with some practical questions, including the following:

    1. Brother Finny explains that “praying and prophesying” is a merism to support his position that a woman is to wear a head covering throughout the day in all of her daily activities rather than just when she is praying, prophesying, or otherwise engaging in spiritual activities. Though I am still seeking discernment on this from the Lord, it makes sense to me. That said, does this same merism principle apply to men so that men are never to wear hats or otherwise cover their heads? Are there exceptions to this, and if so, what is the biblical basis for the exceptions?
    2. 1 Corinthians 11 prescribes that a woman is to cover her head. I understand that the Greek word translated as “woman” may also be translated as or refer to a “wife”. So, does the head covering apply only to the married woman but not the unmarried woman, especially considering that this passage is in the context of a husband and wife headship relationship? If it applies to married as well as unmarried women, what is its application to young ladies who have not attained a marrying age and level of maturity? Honestly, to me there is a beauty and testimony of even unmarried young ladies wearing a head covering because of what it represents, but as I, as a husband and father, consider incorporating this into the life of my family, I don’t want to go beyond scripture to place an undue burden on my daughters (ages 12 and 14).
    3. My 14 year old daughter asks what encouragement you would give to a young lady like herself who desires to wear a head covering in a culture that rejects doing so.

    Thank you, and may God’s grace and peace in Christ abound to each of you.