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  • Clark Wray

    August 13, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Hey Richard,

    1. I really like this idea and I think you are right about the interface being a bit cluttered on mobile. We will take this into consideration next time we do a UI refresh. Collapsible widgets would be a great way to help this out.

    2. I see the issue. It may be a limitation of mobile web. Once we have a native mobile app this functionality should be much smoother.

    3. This is likely caused by a few things, but here is the primary reason pages may load slowly from time to time. We are new to WordPress development and version 1.0 of the new site is a bit bulky. Overtime we hope to cleanup code and plugins to increase performance. We recently added caching and CDN (content delivery network) to increase performance. After sufficient testing we will be installing the latest WordPress updates which are supposed to bring some speed improvements.

    Thanks for these great questions.