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Finny Kuruvilla April 3, 2020

Each lecture contains a video, quiz, and lecture slides which can be found in the tab at the top of each lesson. Some lessons include homework. You must complete each section before you continue.

Instructor Bio:

Finny Kuruvilla


My wife Laura, our six sons, daughter, and I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area. I work with a group called Eventide in socially responsible and values-based investing. In addition, I am the founder and a current board member of Sattler College, a Christian college located in downtown Boston.


I completed a combined MD-PhD program at Harvard Medical School in 2003 (HST Society and the MSTP fellowship). I did my PhD in Harvard’s Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology with Stuart Schreiber. After my MD-PhD, I did my residency and fellowship at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Next I worked at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT in Medical & Population Genetics where I did research with David Altshuler and Mark Daly.

Because of an interest in signals and systems theory, I did a Masters at MIT with George Verghese who is in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

In 1995 I completed my undergraduate studies at Caltech where I majored in chemistry. My research advisors were John Abelson and Peter Dervan.


I have been a practicing Christian for many years. I fellowship with a church called Followers of the Way. I have a keen interest in biblical interpretation and church history, for the purpose of fostering a strong and vibrant church today. My interests also include ante-Nicene Christianity, Reformation and Anabaptist history, and the Great Awakenings of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

We trust that this course will strengthen your love faith relationship with Jesus and His kingdom.

For Jesus and the church,
The Historic Faith Team

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