• 10 Modules

    Expository Teaching Using Early Christian Insights

    A church is only as strong as its doctrine. Those who aspire to be teachers, whether for a church office, leadership position on a missionary team, small group, or family devotions, accept a weighty responsibility... the ability to teach effectively and accurately must be developed. This course draws upon the Septuagint and early Christian sources...

  • 6 Modules

    Prove It: Old Testament Proofs That Jesus is the Messiah

    Despite the explosion of Christianity throughout the world during the first few centuries after Christ, few Christians today present and defend the story of Jesus…
  • 7 Modules

    Resurrection Prophecies

    The series focuses on prophecies about the resurrection of Jesus. My hope is that this series of lessons will strengthen the faith of Christians and open their eyes to the importance of the Old Testament. I also hope that these lessons will be useful in helping unbelievers come to faith in Jesus Christ, based on the evidence of the fulfilled prophecies that were written hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.
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    The Holy Spirit

    If you have more confusion than clarity concerning the Holy Spirit, you're not alone. Some groups have treated the Spirit as a license for casting off scriptural authority. Others have reacted by minimizing His role. The result is that teaching about the third person of the Trinity often leaves much to be desired...