Ante Nicene Church Fathers & John Chrysostom Read, Listen, & Download in Modern English

Dive deep into the profound writings of the early church fathers! Their stirring sermons, letters, and speeches have been a guiding beacon for Christians across the ages. Writing during the Ante-Nicene period, these stalwarts defended the faith with unmatched passion, fully aware that their commitment might lead them to martyrdom. Their unique perspectives offer an unparalleled window into the early church’s understanding of scripture and the teachings of the apostles.

For centuries, these precious works were safeguarded by the Catholic Church, becoming the bedrock of Christian thought and tradition. In the 1800s, these writings were meticulously translated into English, capturing the essence of their timeless wisdom. However, the archaic language used has become a barrier for many in our modern era.

But now, there’s exciting news! We’ve brought these venerable works to life in the language of today. The Historic Faith website proudly presents a contemporary translation of these monumental works. Here, you can read, listen to, and download the teachings of the early church fathers in clear, modern-day English.

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